Free Word/Doc Excel/Xls to Htm Html Converter

Free Word/Doc Excel/Xls to Htm Html Converter 5.8

This converter provides a professional and easy interface

Free Word/Doc Excel/Xls to Htm Html Converter is a conversion software program which main aim is allowing you to convert Microsoft Word and/or Excel files into HTML documents quickly and comfortably. The program is designed to perform the HTML conversion without changing the original layout of the source Word or Excel file.

One of the most important features of this tool is the possibility to batch convert your files, so that you can add a mixture of Microsoft Word and Excel files, and convert them all in one single step. In fact, the program allows you to choose a folder and convert all the files it contains at once. (However, this feature is only available in the registered version of the program.) Its interface is simple and it gathers all the controls in one single environment. In the upper panel, you can see a list with all the files you have previously added for conversion. Strangely, though the program is supposed to convert Word and Excel files only, allows you to add to the batch list PowerPoint and text files too.

The program also shows you an additional panel with several tabs with configuration settings. However, most of the options here are disabled, and you can barely select the output folder location, whether it should be automatically opened when the task is finished or not, and if it should put all the sheets together when converting an Excel file.

Even though this program's name makes you believe it is free, it behaves more like a shareware application, and that is why it has been put into that category. The developer's website offers two different installer versions for this program - a trial and this one - but every time you run the "free" version, you are asked to choose between the free and the share versions. Moreover, every time you try to close it, another window appears asking you to buy and register. As a tip, whenever you are asked if you really want to close the program choose the "cancel" button, otherwise, you only will see the registration window again and again.

Another very important issue to consider about this program is the fact that it requires you to have Microsoft Office installed in your system, or it will not work properly.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Nice and simple interface
  • Easy to use
  • Supports Microsoft Office 2007 Word and Excel files


  • A supposedly free version which is actually a shareware tool
  • Opens a registration reminder every time you try to exit the program, making it difficult to close
  • No batch conversion for the unregistered version
  • Requires you to have Microsoft Office installed in your system to work properly
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